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Kyle Gosselink photo

“Glenn, Tara and the team at Benchmark are far and beyond the best in the business. They are professional, caring and always pick up the phone. This was my first time buying a home and they answered every question I had, walked me through some potentially concerning issues, and made my home buying experience wonderful. Highly recommend using them for all mortgage needs!! I am forever grateful to them for helping me purchase the home of my dreams!”
Kyle Gosselink

Charles Pray photo

“I’ve worked with Glenn and his team for years. Most recently they helped me finance my forever home. Their rates were so competitive I didn’t even need to shop around. Glenn and his team made the entire application process very easy. I would highly recommend Benchmark Lending to anyone looking for their first or last mortgage 🙂 Thank you Glenn, Tara and Shelby!”
Charles Pray

Steven Koch

“Both for my first home purchase and a subsequent refinance, Glenn, Tara and Team have been truly brilliant partners. I cannot recommend them more highly. They have exceeded all of my expectations when it comes to finding me the best loan options, keeping frequent and clear communication throughout the process, and working to educate me along the way. A first-time home purchase can be a daunting task, but I am better for having worked with Benchmark. Glenn’s patience is admirable. He has made me more knowledgeable to the subject of financing and demonstrates a kind passion for helping people achieve their near and long-term goals related to homeownership.”
Steven Koch

Serena Filson photo

“Glenn and the team at Benchmark were amazing. I’ve purchased homes before and this was for a refinance. They were super responsive, communicative and available to answer the so many questions I had. Glenn made sure to talk everything through with me and to make sure I was comfortable with all the figures & scenarios. Closing was super easy. Highly recommend the team as they by far exceeded my expectations”
Serena Filson


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